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i’m obsessed with this movie, really obsessed. I love it. 

So am I. 

i’m obsessed with this movie, really obsessed. I love it. 

So am I. 

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Do you ever…

Going through your old posts or your likes and reblogs in Tumblr and remember different phases in your past? Such a nostalgic feeling…



Oh, here we go again with another fake user of the same guy obsessed with Galisteu (probably, I think this is the case, with 99% probability) who is spreading a fake interpretation of the personal history of Senna. I’m going to clarify this for you.

Galisteu is so hated by the majority of Senna…

Ok I’m not a “fan” of Adriane Galisteu. Like I said, I know little to nothing about her, that’s why I wanted to know. You didn’t have to go crazy on me. I like Xuxa a thousand times better than Adriane, and I know for a fact that his big love of his life was Xuxa, I KNEW THAT. I just wasn’t sure why Adriane was so hated. That’s all I was asking. How dare you call me a fake fan, I’m in it for the sport, I love Ayrton Senna for who he is and what a great man and driver he was. I couldn’t care less about the “scandalous” parts of the personal lives of any of these drivers. I was just genuinely curious. So calm down.

f1-baby and nikitaf1,

I love both of your blogs and I watch you guys regularly so it saddens me to see you guys in a feud for nothing at all.

f1-baby, there’s nothing wrong in your question because we are all curious about Ayrton Senna and his mythical life. Asking a question like that about someone who was very close to Ayrton in the last two years of his life is totally reasonable and I’ve been asking that question myself. From what I heard, Adriane is hated mostly because of what she did after Ayrton’s death. When he was alive he may have had a good time with her. After all, she was there for him 24/7, even if someone said she was paid for doing so, at least she did a good job. What she did after he died was detestable, like nikitaf1 said. I do not like this woman nor do I hate her. 

About the Xuxa thing, I guess Ayrton loved her more than she loved him, but less than he loved racing. Otherwise, problems would have been solved. But whatever happened, nothing can change the fact that at the end of his life, Ayrton died without fulfilling his dream of having his own family. That is what is truly tragic for me. 

Nikitaf1, I love your blog, I love the fact that you love Ayrton so much that you would go on great length to defend him. But you shouldn’t throw sticks at everyone who happens to be clueless about the Ayrton-Adriane thing. I do not know much about it either, and I could care less, because Ayrton’s love life is only a cream top of the already big and delicious cake that is his charismatic personality and legendary career. So please, don’t be so angry and agitated by people who may have the knowledge like you do and don’t accuse us of being not Ayrton’s fan or being Adriane’s fan just because we happen to say something you don’t like to read. And if you don’t like to read those things, just don’t read them period. Accept people have different opinions than you do, and don’t think you’re the only fan out here.

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20,000 notes until May 1, 2014. The day that the death of Senna completes 20 years. I trust you guys to do this tribute


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I’m tired..
I’m tired of feeling sad, feeling unwanted, I don’t fit in with any of my friends. I don’t talk to anybody the way I use to before. I’m tired of being put down by my parents, I’m tired of hearing these voices. I will never forget when he told me, “You can control your thoughts, because they’re you’re thoughts.” You can’t control it! Why doesn’t anybody understand me? Why do u have to be so alone?

I understand you. Because I’m just like you. Unwanted. Hated. Badmouthed.

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"Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a stranger something very personal. It’s like there’s less risk, opening yourself up to someone who doesn’t know you."

—  Linwood Barclay (via perfect)

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